Business Management

Would you love a business manager some days? Someone who can get stuff done whilst you concentrate on the parts of your business you love?

virfecto provides ongoing business operations management and support when you need it. Services include;

  • team co-ordination, on-boarding and training
  • stakeholder management
  • gap analysis, system and process reviews and rewrites
  • report development and coordination
  • marketing and business development support, proposal development and research
  • accounts management
  • general business management support

With access to a community of experts, if there is something else you need, we can find it.

Project Services

Just landed a great project and need a business analyst or other project support?  With many years of project experience in energy, consulting, commercial and industrial construction and finance, we LOVE project work.

virfecto provides:

  • project management
  • pmo support
  • business analyst services
  • workshop delivery and training
  • stakeholder management
  • project reporting
  • preparation of document deliverables
  • head-contract and sub-contract management

Systems Integration

Technology plays a large role in all areas of business from the filing system right through to asset performance management. As organisations grow and develop, systems and processes must scale to meet the changing need.

We have a proven track record of providing fit for purpose solutions, transforming businesses into highly integrated, efficient and agile enterprises, without compromising on security or compliance. With access to a community of experts, if there is something you need, we will find a great human to assist.

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